Dear Journal,

This year we plan to make many greener choices to reduce the amount we put into landfill.

This journal is to motivate us as a family, but if it helps anyone else that would be amazing!

I think bringing up children with a respect for the earth is so important as they watch us for how to behave and how to care for others. My daughter is 5 and already like a mini hippy, she loves animals and flowers. She will pick up other people’s litter on the beach and always look for ways to recycle and reuse items for crafts instead of throwing them in the bin.

We don’t have a huge disposable income which is why we are planning to replace items as they run out month by month making it affordable to make these switches.

I have been lucky to work with companies who will be providing some of the items to make these swaps and if I love the items I will let you all know and include links. My blog contains no negativity so if I don’t get on with an item I simply won’t review and recommend it but give the company my feedback. If you want me to review your product please contact me or if you can recommend any – it’s always good to hear what works from other people’s experiences.

Although we are no where near zero waste, we have already made some greener choices in the past few years. These include:

  • Using reusable nappies and wipes with our daughter from when she was 1-year-old. We are due another child in April/May and I am working with some cloth nappy companies so will be using them from birth this time.
  • Growing our own organic fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  • We have 3 runner ducks who provide us with free range eggs and their manure has improved the lawn. They love vegetable scraps too.
  • Composting the ‘compost friendly’ foods that the ducks don’t consume. We have 3 compost bins in rotation. With this we don’t waste any food or coffee grounds and at the end of the composting process we add to our vegetable garden; Win-win!
  • My husband loves an up-cycle project and has made many creations with discarded pallets and old oil drums. I will share his fantastic makes when I get a chance.
  • We have started to reduce the chemicals we use for both household cleaning and cosmetics. I plan for 2018 to make a lot of DIY versions of the items we buy without the harmful chemicals and plastic containers. I will be sharing them all with you guys.
  • Last summer we created a nature area in our garden that I hope to work on this summer (as much as I can with a newborn baby anyway).

I hope to share our past and future projects with you, hopefully in a fun colourful way without boring you with too many statistics (although a couple may sneak in there haha).

At the end of each month I will post how our journey has gone for that month and maybe some plans for the following month. So my next journal entry will be in 2 weeks for our January swaps.

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Take Care,

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