We are a regular family making steps towards a zero waste lifestyle. Jaimi (mum), Paul (dad), Mia (age 6) and baby Roman. We have a dog and 3 runner ducks.

In January 2018 we started to evaluate what we wanted to do with our lives and how everyday decisions can have an impact on the planet. We want to make a positive impact. After a lot of research into the harm plastic can cause, we knew we had to change. We are raising our 2 children to love and care for their environment and to have fun with nature through play and exploration.

We have a long way to go to even come close to zero waste. We love idea of minimalism as we are not the tidiest of families and have accumulated a lot of items over the years. Our aim to have only what we need and what truly sparks joy and no excess but still have a cosy fun home.

Follow us to see our honest journey through to zero waste, sharing the positive changes and also the obstacles. We will be sharing tips on reusing and recycling items and entertaining the kids through natural play.

Mia is the one who fills our pockets up with daisies or dandelions – often without us realising until we go to grab our keys! That’s the story behind the name.

I hope you enjoy our blog,

Jaimi and Paul x