My life is like being on a fun adventure daily with my husband Paul, 5-year-old daughter Mia (my little mini-me) , our dog Kleo and 3 runner ducks, Fluffy, Sally and Princess Leia (I thought it was funny as she lays eggs..). Oh yeah, I’m Jaimi by the way – Hi!

I’m into anything and everything creative, whether it’s painting Russian dolls, mosaicing (is that even a word?), drawing or up-cycling old furniture. I will be sharing my projects with you guys from now on.

I’m from Essex (near London) where those TOWIE lot are from 🙄. We like to travel, mainly around Europe but there is so much world to see – its exciting!

Everyday is packed-full with laughter and if Mia is near usually sprinkled with glitter – literally!

We grow our own organic fruit and vegetables. I absolutely love watching Mia pick a carrot or some spinach from the garden to snack on.

One of the reasons for this blog is to share my journey into making ‘greener’ choices in my everyday life. I will be trying out natural (where possible organic) alternatives in food, cosmetics and household cleaning products to avoid the long list of chemicals currently listed on the back of many of our items.

The reason behind my blog title is Mia constantly fills my pockets up with daisies in the summer – often without me realising until I go to grab my keys!

I am on a journey to eliminate all stress and anxiety, I feel I have found inner peace with myself and try to bring positive vibes to family and friends and hopefully you guys!

I hope you enjoy my blog,

Jaimi x