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Autumn Adventures


We have been so busy this Autumn  – it has been so much fun!
I have decided to do a little sketch each season with doodles of my favourite activities and objects that I love about that particular time of year.



My favourite part of Autumn so far was pumpkin picking from our own garden. The past few months all 3 of us have been so excited to check how big our pumpkin had grown. The biggest was 29kg we grew organically and relied mostly on the rain to water them. It has set the benchmark for next year now.


We have made lots of Halloween crafts including a pop-pom garland, pumpkin stamps using an apple, toilet roll tube bats and Halloween figures. When crafting with my daughter Mia and I try and recycle products where possible whether it’s re-purposing a item or using bits left over from a previous activity.


Generally, we take a break from gardening over winter but we plant garlic and spring flowering bulbs. Each Autumn we plant bulbs for mothers day flowers which we then give out to our mums and grandmothers – Mia waters and helps to look after them.

DSC_0045 autumn
DSC_0016 autumn
It has been an awesome autumn so far lots of trips to the woods, hot drinks, reading, crafts and more.

To see the DIY tutorial on our Autumn wreath (still hanging in our door, just brown and crispier) – click here.

How has your Autumn been so far? Please comment below.
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(I have started on Christmas crafts already and will be uploading this week)


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  1. What a fun day! Nice article to read. Loves the pictures too.

    1. Thanks! It’s really been the past month condensed into a few photo’s. x

  2. loved the pumpkin ideas! How thoughtful of you to plant seeds now for mothers day! Happy to see a fellow person interested in gardening 🙂

    1. My daughter loves getting involved – we love being outside it gets us away from screens and gets some fresh air in our lungs. I don’t actually know anyone else into gardening apart from my Nan – which I find really surprising. I do miss the sunshine though don’t you? Bring on spring 💐

  3. How cute these look! My sister loved DIY projects, she would really enjoy these.

    1. Thanks for commenting Nina! My usual posts are more tutorials for DIY craft projects – easy to follow. I have lots on the way. 😊

  4. Fall is such a great time of the year. Kids grow up so fast and I am glad you and your daughter get some mommy-daughter time together. That’s important. Great story.

    1. It really is a fantastic time. There is nothing better than family time, getting outdoors and going on adventures. Thank-you for your lovely comment x

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