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Bake your own meringue Christmas trees

It has been non stop with baking and making gifts in this house recently – I feel like we are elves in the North Pole🧝‍♀️! Today we made some meringue Christmas trees. I originally, found the recipe on the Tesco website last year.

Our ducks have stopped laying eggs for winter and we have had to buy lots recently. In the warmer months we literally give them away because we get so many.


  • 4 free range egg whites
  • 450g caster sugar
  • Green food colouring
  • Stars and sprinkles to decorate the trees (as you can see I was almost out of sprinkles so had to use sparingly)


Preheat the oven to 120°C or 100°C if using a fan oven.

Add the egg whites to a mixing bowl and use a hand blender or an electric mixer. Blend until peaks form. Then slowly add half the sugar.


Next add the green food colouring and the rest of the sugar.


Keep whisking until the mixture becomes stiff and doesn’t drip. I did the famous tip upside down test to see if any falls down – it passed.


Next spoon the mixture into a piping bag with a star nozzle. Pipe onto baking paper or silicone tray into swirly tree shapes. I remember mine to look better last year, I think it could have done with another couple of minutes of whisking so they could stand taller.


Sprinkle with..sprinkles 😊 and place a star on top.  I had my little helper here.


Now they are ready for the oven for 1 hour. Then turn off the oven and leave it partially open for another hour (apparently this stops them from cracking).


There you go! Some meringue Christmas trees – put them in some nice packaging and hand out to family and friends.. Or just munch them yourself 😉.


Comment below if you found this helpful or if you have tried this or another meringue shape. As always you can subscribe at the very bottom of this page.

Right, I need to go and wrap some more presents as time is running out. I am planning on writing more Christmas craft posts as my camera is full of pics of our latest makes. If I can’t squeeze any time to blog before the big day, then Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for your support!

Jaimi xx

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  1. Looks delicious 😍

    1. Thanks! I have resisted so far – I packaged up all the edible gifts asap to avoid temptation haha 😄

  2. These look amazing! I really like the star on top! Thanks for sharing this recipe 🙂

    1. Thanks – It was fun trying to find the yellow stars that were mixed in the put full of different colours haha x

  3. wow. these look so delicious! and it looks like you had a great time making them too!

    1. It was fun – hopefully family will like them too in their hampers! Thanks for commenting x

  4. Meringue is so much fun to make! Looks likes your way better with a pipping bag than me lol!

    1. Really?? I think my piping was sloppy here – but could get away with it with the sprinkles haha! Plus if anything looks slightly ‘rustic’ I can just say my daughter Mia helped lol x

  5. panushwari says:

    totally love the way these look and can’t wait to bake ’em!

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Thanks for your comment – sorry for the delay! They went down well with family 😊 Did you bake some in the end?

  6. These look amazing and fun. Wonderful idea

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Thanks Gina! Really easy and yet seemed to impress our friends and family 😊

  7. I never thought of adding color or sprinkles! I think that would add a great texture. Can’t wait to make these with my granddaughter.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Thanks for your comment Jenny! Next year I think I will try meringue snowflakes❄️

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