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January’s Journal Entry – Our Green 2018



Dear Journal,

Where did January go? It whizzed by so quick! We have been really busy as a family and accomplished lots during the past few weeks. My husband, Paul, had a week off work and we have been talking loads about loving our lifestyle and how the changes we plan to make are going to have such a good impact on how we live and how our children look at the world.

It is so lovely being with someone who has the same passions and priorities in life, it makes decisions like adopting a  zero waste lifestyle so much easier as we are working as a team.

(Just to let you know,I have used affiliate links in this post. Affiliate links mean if you click-through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you at all. This just helps with the running of this site).

I have noted down the swaps we have made during January, if I have missed any I will include them in next months journal entry.

Our swaps for January

One of our first swaps was toilet roll. I had seen this company ‘Who Gives a Crap’ talked about on Zero Waste Heroes Facebook page and without regret, decided to try them out.

  • They only use environmentally friendly materials like bamboo or recycled paper – no trees are cut down.
  • They donate 50% of their profits to those in need of toilets built over $1Million so far.
  • The packaging is all plastic free and compostable, with humorous comments on some of the wrappers (our daughter loves using the tubes for crafts).
  • It is a bulk purchase so fewer trips to the shops.
  • No chlorine, inks, dyes or scents.
  • It’s fantastic quality and actually works out cheaper for us than our previous brand sheet for sheet.

For us we are converted as it’s a no brainer really. To purchase some of this toilet roll and get £5 off click here.

We were buying bottled water as part of our weekly shop to store in the car for when we were out and about – so going through lots of single use plastic. So one of the first obvious swaps was a refillable water bottle. These Progress bottles are great, they are for hot or cold drinks. These are available to purchase here.

We have used reusable shopping bags for a while now, since travelling around Europe where plastic bags aren’t an option. I purchased this hessian bag recently as it is lightweight and I keep it in my backpack for whenever we need it. £1.99 delivered which I thought was great as I like the slogans on them too. I bought one as a gift bag for my friend who is also making similar swaps in her everyday life – it was well received. This can be purchased here.

We have been using rechargeable batteries for a while now and found Lidl’s ‘ Tronic Eco’ brand – great value. I remember watching them tested against the top brands and they were voted the winners. 1 Tronic Eco battery replaces up to 1000 regular batteries.

When we needed to buy pens, I found recycled paper pens which had eco-friendly inks from The British Red Cross.

After looking into natural teeth whitening treatments we found this brand ‘LiveCoco’ with 100’s of fantastic reviews on Amazon here. It is 100% natural activated charcoal and doesn’t seem to have any flavour. Be careful when you open the pot though as can be messy! We use the activated charcoal using these bamboo toothbrushes from Lavish Essentials. The bristles are 100% biodegradable and the handle is made from bamboo. I love how they have a number stamped on them too so Paul and I don’t get confused which is his or mine.

We have stopped purchasing books now as we borrow over 200 a year between the 3 of us from the library. We do occasionally buy a book in a charity shop if it is one of our favourites with nice binding. Paul found special edition Lord of The Rings Trilogy published from the year he was born.

I reserved Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson from the library. It’s such a good read if you are thinking of reducing waste and clutter in your home. I am only 60 pages in at the moment, so I will do a proper review when finished but Bea is very inspiring with realistic goals. Check this out here. If your library doesn’t have this, you could always pass it on when finished reading.

So, I think that has covered most of January’s swaps. Today we bought ingredients to make our own bread and found a local dairy farm – so hopefully February’s journal entry will involve fresh bread and milk without the plastic 😋.

Have you made any steps to reducing waste this year? Is it something you are thinking about? Please comment below and let me know.

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Jaimi xx

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  1. This is wonderful! We made the switch to glass water bottles and I LOVE them. I definitely need to be better about reusable shopping bags. Thanks for such awesome ideas!

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Hi Emily! I haven’t seen the glass ones – I’ll look them up. You’re welcome 🙂 I’ll update each month with more swaps.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Would absolutely love to try those bamboo toothbrushes. And also read the book zero waste home.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Hi Kathryn! They are great – the bristles are softer than I am used to but perfect for teeth whitening as the bristles are meant to help with whitening naturally too. I love the fact we can put on the compost heap after as they are fully biodegradable. Let me know what you think of the book if you do read it. I have found it a good read and not ‘preachy’ or complicated as I thought it may have been.

  3. Wow! You are really committed. I wish I were a little more conscious about my plastic usage. I will think about it now.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Thanks for commenting Julea! We have a long way to go yet, but I love how it is educating our daughter too as well as all the other benefits.

  4. I already have a water bottle so now it’s only a matter of buying and installing a filter at home. I just saw “A Plastic Ocean” on Sunday, and I really need to find more ways to reduce my waste. It’s so difficult to even go shopping in Greece: the organic produce is wrapped in plastic, and the other produce damages the environment by not having been produced organically.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      I need to watch that thanks – I couldn’t remember what it was called. I have heard it’s a real eye opener. Today I watched ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ which I found really interesting about how it is drummed into us that we ‘need’ so much. Have you tried growing your own produce? I imagine you can grow more variety with the heat in Greece?

  5. I have learned so much from your post – it actually hurts to see people waste things so casually, and reducing wastage is crucial – thank you for your post. It really helps.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      I am really glad you found this useful 🙂 I know I do feel bad about how little we have thought about it in the past.

  6. Can’t wait to read this book ‘Zero Waste Home’ and great changes you’ve incorporated in your lifestyle! We all must do our bit to make our planet better. Great post though:)

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      It really is a good book filled with tips – even DIY makeup which I may attempt soon. Thanks for your comment Navneet – it made me smile 🙂

  7. I have learned so much more from your post and than I expected! We use reusable shopping bags and our own water bottles, but there is so much more that our family could be doing differently. Thank you for the great tips.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      You’re welcome Jill! There will be plenty more swaps to come – February’s journal entry will be written soon. You sound like you are doing great – think how much less plastic you are throwing away already from those 2 swaps alone 🙂

  8. Good going dear . U r doing really good. Would like to join your family. Now I’ll try to use environment friendly products . Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      Thanks for commenting Rashmi 🙂 let me know how you get one with your swaps x

  9. Based on what I see, some travelers are already using bamboo toothbrushes. I think it is indeed a great way to reduce waste even if they leave such toiletries in the hotel or anywhere they stayed at. I haven’t tried this but I’d love to! I also like the recycled paper pens, never heard of such thing before. 🙂

    1. Jaimi-pfod says:

      The bamboo toothbrushes are new to me too – amazing that they are fully compostable. Some brands do use nylon bristles though so look out for that. The pens are great and there are many options now – I like the print on these particular ones though 🙂

  10. That’s lovely. In fact, I did not have an idea about a bamboo toothbrush with bio-degradable bristles. This post is inspirational and educational at the same time. I should also start using some of these.

  11. Jaimi-pfod says:

    I am really glad you found it useful Sidhu! There are many with nylon bristles, I saw a bamboo brush with rainbow bristles before but these types wont bio-degrade unfortunately. The toothbrushes we used are from ‘Lavish Essentials’ and can all go on the compost heap 🙂

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