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Make Your Own Easy Halloween Slime

This is seriously really easy and only takes 5 minutes and 3 ingredients including water (2 without colour).

slime 6

I used 1 table spoon of Psyllium husks to 1 cup of water. I used 2 of each today and added some green food colouring to make it gross and spooky looking for Halloween.

I bought a bag of toy flies from Asda for £1 – there are loads of these kind of toys at the moment in all the supermarkets and in Wilko and the £stores.

You can find the Psyllium husks I used here. Less than £3 delivered and we have made soo much slime with it and still have a lot of scoops left. Apart from the bugs this slime is edible – not that I would try but it’s good to know in case you see your kid with some in there mouth.

Untitled design (2)
This is my lovely niece and nephew (and daughter hiding behind the yellow) last time we made slime – they added glitter to theirs.

The food colouring used was purchased here. I have had these ages and used them for so many projects including play dough, bath bombs, science experiments, icing and sponge cakes – so well worth the investment.

slime 4

Put the husks and water into a pan and put on a high heat for just 5 minutes. The mixture should bubble up – looking really ‘Halloweeny’. I added the drop of food colouring at this stage and just stirred it up (but its ok to add it at any stage).

slime 2

Pour the slime into a bowl/ container and leave to cool. It will be really hot as it is like a lava so will need to cool down for 15 minutes (but check before the kids do).

slime 3

Then you can add your bugs or googly eyes to make it creepy looking.

slime 5

So that’s it! Quick and easy and a hit with the kids.

Please comment below if you found this helpful. You can follow my blog via email (at the bottom of the page) more Autumn crafts coming soon.

Jaimi xx


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  1. So Fun! Just cooking it looks like a witches stew! Perfect for Halloween too! Love that its edible for the little ones and is only 3 ingredients! Our family needs to try this! thanks so much for inspiring us! Much love.

    1. I really was spooky looking – it is super simple to make. Let me know how you get on if you haven’t tried it already x

  2. My kid would love this.

    1. So far it has had 100% success rate with the kiddies x

  3. We love slime at our house, will try this tonight for Halloween fun , great read

    1. I think it is the easiest recipe as literally takes minutes to make x

  4. awesome post informative 🙂

    1. Thank you Abdull – glad it was useful x

  5. This is such a great sensory experience! We need to try this, looks like a perfect option softer than playdough.

  6. This looks amazing. I had no idea you could so easily make an edible one. I’m gonna try this with my nieces. They’re the slime experts really but they usually use borax and glue. Much better to use these ingredients I think.

    1. I can confirm it’s not the tastiest (tastes of nothing but it’s a weird texture)- my friend dared me to taste a little of it haha! But a lot safer than borax and glue x

  7. Omg so fun and so easy! My daughter would love to make this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome! It really is easy and quick and the kids play with it for ages x

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